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De film “24 uur leiden” zou oorspronkelijk op DVD worden uitgebracht, maar gezien het kwaliteitsverlies is hiervan afgezien. De film is echter te bekijken op onze LVSL website. Op advies van de Historische vereniging Oud Leiden is de film ingezonden om mee te dingen voor de Publieksprijs van de HVOL - zie hiervoor

Eind Juni is bekend of de film is genomineerd en kan het publiek keuze maken uit de verschillende films. Bijgevoegd een interview in het Leidsch Dagblad (Maandag 8 Mei) over de film 24 uur leiden. Ook bijgevoegd een leuke reactie over deze de film van Mark Neupert, de amerikaanse antropoloog, die onlangs een film over Leiden maakte en daarmee krant en TV haalde


Joop Mosterd

Brief van Mark Neupert

Hi Joop, thanks for uploading that again. This is really wonderful --- and just adds to the proof that it’s always sunny in Leiden. I think the pacing is good and the weaving together of elements works well – both atmospheric and humans at work/play shots. A really nice balance there.

Interesting choice to avoid the big public/community events and focus on the personal, individual experience of the day. I think that works well, but does leave out an important element. But, as Remko told me, there’s plenty of footage on those events, and very little on the daily routines. Thus, this film has its place in the telling of Leiden’s tale.

Congratulations to you and your team on an excellent film. One of our students here at Oregon Tech is from Oegstgeest and is organizing a Kings Day event on our campus. If it’s alright with you, I’d like to share this with him to see if he wants to show it to his fellow students.

Below are some notes I set down while watching.

Wow – this is really transporting me back to Leiden – so many places I know --- it’s making me homesick.

Some really nice cuts in there – delivery truck on aalmarkt, opening door at Paris Pain, makes it look like a two-camera setup. (aha I see at the end there were several camera people, perhaps they were two-camera setups?).

Very nice balance back and forth from morning preparations to more atmospheric shots.

Great work around the Central Station – really capturing both the set up and the flow.

Oh, the Hitchcock cameo!!! I had breakfast there on this past trip. That is you, right?

Hold the shot of the garbage truck lifting up the underground container a bit longer. The shots of the seagulls in the garbage, followed by the garbage men dealing with the mess, then the warning sign on the side of the garbage truck, followed by the new system – that really tells a city story there.

The streetmakers – fantastic! I think I’ve got footage of the guy in the light blue. They are really important to the whole feel of Leiden. Some of them are very skilled and you can see it in their work (others, not so much, perhaps, and you can see that too). They have a particular POV on city life from down there. I would love to do something with just them as a way of exploring the city.

Beautiful footage from the water.

The Hortus, I always loved the “ramble” – the wild woodsy part with the little artificial stream. That was the place that always felt like I was transported out of the city and into the woods.

Music lessons– very charming.

Ah, finally the nieuwe haring! Knew that had to be in there.

Leidenaars eat and study.

City government – great. Really nice showing the back room work of the city.

What do the children do in the evening hours? – that was always our problem having little children. They just seem to disappear from public space at dinner time, never to re-emerge. If we took our kids out to dinner (odd, I know) and then walked back through the Aalmarkt in the evening, we always got lots of stares and slightly disapproving looks.

No Bonte Koe? Yammer.

Medical center after closing – a problem with patient privacy during the day no doubt.

I had a hard time shooting nighttime shots, my camera just didn’t do well in the low light. So getting evening terras footage was difficult.

Learning, leisure, work, and reflection – such a civilized city.

I really liked how you worked in the city worker elements, from streetmakers and sweepers to officials. It’s like lifting the curtain to show how it’s done.

De Put – I have some great footage from inside on Saturday, just couldn’t figure out how to work it in.

With many jobs just outside of the center – LUMC, aerospace, etc… confining the film to the center misses a key part of the economy of the city. I ran into the same problem, where to put the boundaries of the film? What to leave out and to put in? I’m sure you and your crew discussed this same issue. It’s a hard one to solve.

Again, thank you for sharing this. It must have been a huge amount of work, so much time on the street, getting access to high spaces, talking with people to explain what you’re doing, editing so much footage, and so on.

Goed zo!




Artikel Leids Dagblad 08 05 2017

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